Why you might need a Florida Construction Litigation Attorney

We’ve all heard horror stories regarding construction: Complicated business contracts. Unsubstantiated change orders. Builders skipping town with a project half-finished. Subcontractors cutting corners to save time. Faulty wiring or substandard materials like Chinese drywall.

These issues affect business owners as well as homeowners. And, they are not only stressful, they could render your office unsafe, and consequently uninhabitable, or force you to close your business for weeks or even permanently.

All of these issues — and others like them — fall into the practice area of commercial litigation law. Florida Construction Litigation Attorney Stefanie Moon has years of experience deciphering complex business contracts as well as settling construction disputes that typically occur in the following areas:
• Contract Clause Interpretation
• Indemnity
• Inspection of Work
• Proof of Insurance

The parties to construction business contracts commonly include the owner, architect, engineer, general contractor or sub-contractor. Defects discovered by business owners during or after the construction process often involve a claim of negligence which caused injury to workers or even third parties. An emerging area of construction litigation involves the cost of removing toxic mold from commercial properties and homes that can harm people and animals.